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Enterprise level website security built-in

Unfortunately security breaches and exposure to malware are a continuous threat in today’s online environment. GSE StudioWeb secure hosting keeps you safe against ever present harmful web attacks. You are provided the tools to help you save time, money and most importantly, your online reputation. We genuinely think that you should not be charged for these vital services.

It is possible to stay a step ahead of online criminals with GSE StudioWeb, at no extra cost to you.

Wildcard SSL certificates

If your website has any way in which to pass over information – even a simple contact form – then your website should have an SSL certificate. Websites covered by an SSL certificate have the ‘https://’ in the URL in the address bar. HTTPS protects the user by encrypting any information that goes from their own device to that of the website servers.

Having an SSL certificate has other advantages, too. Used by Google as a signal of the site’s ‘quality’ means it helps you in your ranking. So by having one, you’ll have a secure advantage in the search results over websites that don’t carry such a certificate.

GSE StudioWeb SSL certificates are ‘wildcard’, meaning that they cover subdomains too, for example:

Malware scanning

Having malware on your site can be a disastrous event. Malware can seriously compromise your website security, leading to fraudulent events or worse still, identity theft. It could harm your reputation as well as your website performance in the search engines.

Your website(s) will be checked for malware daily, with our Malware Scanning service. Should any malware be found, we’ll let you know and give you advice on how to remove it safely. You can also scan on demand, so once you’ve made changes, you can check that it’s been resolved.

Immediate results

If you’ve discovered malware on your site, you’ll need to update the software or plugins, and delete any compromised files. Once you’ve made the changes, you can re-scan right away. You’ll get confirmation on whether your fixes have worked immediately and without delay.

On-demand scanning

What makes our malware scanning unique is that you can also run the malware scanner on-demand. This is extremely convenient because you don’t have to wait until the next scheduled scan, therefore minimizing any issues or unfortunate risks.

Disables PHP Mail

Should malware be detected, PHP mail is disabled so as to prevent your site from further infecting others through email.

Our data centres

Our data centres are fully secure and are ISO27001:2013 certified. Their security features include:

  • Redundant power supplies so that your site always stays online

  • Gated access with photo ID and swipe card entry

  • 24/7 security, with CCTV inside and out

PCI compliance: safe for business

Our servers are Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant. This means that our hosting servers are certified to be safe for online stores taking card payments from customers. The servers also undergo regular audits.

PCI standards are enforced through a group of major credit and debit card companies, like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Email security

Emails without a doubt can be a security risk. Therefore we scan incoming emails for any viruses and similar malware, blocking them before they reach your inbox.

Spam is controlled by being filtered through anti-spam deny lists and stringent content checkers. You’re given full control to allow certain emails from particular domains that might otherwise go straight in to your junk mail folder.

Emails also have another layer of security through DKIM authentication, protecting you and those you send emails to, against impersonation. Our highly secured servers have a stellar reputation, so your mail will never have problems being delivered.

Fully configurable email filters

These email filters are fully configurable via the webmail control panel. This means certain senders, domains and TLDs can be allow-listed to bypass the content filter entirely. The same goes with deny lists: you can create your own from GSE StudioWeb’s easy to navigate control panel.

Whenever a message is rejected because of a known virus or network deny listing, the message is returned to the sender so the sender knows what’s happening. We never ‘black hole’ email.


Spammers not welcome

If you are using the email accounts included with our shared hosting, you don’t want miscreants to harm your reputation (and GSE StudioWeb’s) by sending out masses of ‘spam’ email.

We monitor outgoing emails continuously to ensure this doesn’t happen and operate a zero-tolerance spam policy for everyone’s safety.

WordPress checksum report

WordPress is so popular, it’s a typical target for criminal hackers. Therefore we offer a WordPress checksum test. This checks the version of core WordPress websites stored in their repository against the one installed on GSE StudioWeb servers. We’ll notify you immediately if there are differences between the official core version and your website(s), which could suggest that harmful malware has been added.

File permissions checker

An important consideration to include is to make sure you have the correct permissions on your website files. If you don’t have the correct permissions, you are at risk of someone being able to access or change your data. GSE StudioWeb’s file permissions checker will monitor your permissions and consequently make suggestions on what to change if it recognizes any potential problems or risks.


Enterprise-level denial of service protection


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are unfortunately a growing hazard in today’s online world. They can do extensive damage to a business by flooding the server with requests, so that regular website users are unable to access their website(s).

If your shared hosting or virtual private server (VPS) is attacked, normally you don’t have much of a choice other than to weather the storm and wait for the attack to stop.

This is why we introduced 1 Tbps+ anti-DDoS protection. This enterprise-level protection covers you against most attacks. It filters-out malicious traffic, so you can carry on working without noticing any frustrating interruptions. Don’t let hackers ruin your business.

Web application firewall: secure your apps

One way to stop security breaches is to prevent criminals obtaining access to your personal code on the GSE StudioWeb server. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your data and software by blocking suspicious and harmful activity.

A typical attack on a website is to use web forms to insert malicious and harmful code. Forms aren’t covered by traditional firewalls, as they need to allow information to pass from the user to the server where the website is hosted. This means they can be an access point for data thieves or ransomware.

Despite the best-case scenario, being a victim of this type of security breach will cost your business time and money and reputation. Worst case scenario: a breach could end your company’s life online.

The GSE StudioWeb WAF helps prevent this by inspecting every HTTP request for SQL injection, trojans, cross-site scripting, path traversal and many other types of attack. It accomplishes this at the edge of our network, so it works diligently before any scripts from web apps like WordPress execute. This operation takes less than a millisecond.

The GSE StudioWeb security team regularly updates the set of rules that filter-out malicious and harmful requests. This ruleset is made and updated regularly with information provided from commercially-available resources as well the inclusion of custom rules written by the GSE StudioWeb security team.

All of these steps makes it much more difficult to hack your website(s), and is continuously maintained  behind the scenes at GSE StudioWeb.

Safer than just a password

Unfortunately many security measures are rendered ineffective if your password is stolen or compromised. GSE StudioWeb offers the option to use two-factor authentication (2FA) for your MyGSE portal, StackCP and SSH access.

2FA (2 Factor Authentification) is a way to add an extra layer of security. Our 2FA uses TOTP apps, which provide you with a time-sensitive single-use code to enter as well your personal password. 2FA app providers include Google and Microsoft. These apps are run and in conjunction with your phone.

GSE StudioWeb also enforces another form of ‘2FA’ that is, random security checks when payments are made. This requires you to call us at GSE StudioWeb and confirm additional security information provided by yourself when first signing-up.

Brute-force login protection

Another avenue of attack by hackers is by ‘brute force’ that is, using software to try multiple variants of common and short passwords in an attempt to guess the correct one. GSE StudioWeb has systems in place that will detect automated attempts at brute force, forcing passwords through trial and error, and using Google reCAPTCHA to detect genuine users.

Block visitors

Sometimes it is necessary to block certain visitors from your website, which you can do easily. You can prevent whole countries getting to your website, or block by an individual IP address. You can use simple rules like ‘allow all, except’ or ‘block all, except’. GSE StudioWeb has you covered.


If there’s ever a security issue with your website(s), it’s wise to have a recent backup to hand at all times to fall back on. Through your MyGSE account, you can make manual backups or use our automatic backup service. Speak to the GSE StudioWeb team should you need assistance.


Keeping attackers away from your web apps

As well as a firewall, GSE StudioWeb also operates network defences. These are based on IP addresses and network-level (automated system) level reputations. These are designed to block likely attackers ever before an attack has a chance to begin.

Suspicious IP addresses and networks are routed to different web servers automatically. This means the traffic and load is kept away from standard web servers. IP addresses that have a bad reputation are blocked at the network edge, and entire ranges of IP addresses can be blocked also.

With GSE StudioWeb, you have a dedicated security team behind the scenes as well as a comprehensive security package so as to maintain your online presence for the long term.



Take control with a virtual private server. Based on premium hardware, a GSE StudioWeb VPS is a powerful solution that’s simple to deploy.

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