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High-performance hosting for agencies, e-commerce, businesses, freelancers & artists.
Unmatched speed, reliability and 24x7 expert support.


Where to entrust your corporate rebranding and the creation of your logo.


Where a team of professionals work to create your web business.


High-performance hosting for agencies, e-commerce, businesses, freelancers & artists.

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What makes GSE StudioWeb Different?

  • Development and Rebranding: GSE StudioWeb offers a broad service for those who want to create their own business, from website development to corporate rebranding.

  • Always fast, always reliable: Shared hosting and Cloud hosting powered by GSE-Cloud and Google Cloud. All built for maximum speed and reliability with Redis, ElasticSearch, optimized PHP-FPM and PHP OPCache, NGINX Edge Cache and Unlimited CDN. Because we give our best to our customers!

  • Global reach: Choose from over 60 data centres around the world and launch your websites and apps in a matter of minutes.

  • Constant innovation: Development is all done in-house, so we can create unique products, like our free CDN and Website Acceleration Suite. Ongoing improvements means that you always have access to the latest tech.

  • Easy management: Manage all your servers, websites, emails, security, backups and domains from MyGSE, the most advanced and intuitive control panel around. The MyGSE control panel offers your website the resources of an entire hosting platform, not just one server. If traffic spikes, your sites remain fast.

  • Hosting experts: Our Support Team are hosting enthusiasts with rave reviews. Get 24x7x365 help from real people who love what they do, not canned responses.

  • Green Hosting: All our hosting is powered 100% by renewable energy - that means your websites and apps are too.

Got a project in mind?

If you’d like some help creating an impactful website or need a digital marketing boost, give us a call. We’d love to find out more about You and see how GSE StudioWeb can add value to your business.

Built by an industry pioneer, who works within it

…By opening GSE StudioWeb the founder, Elia, decided to work with close collaborators whom he himself defines as his family, having a close friendship with them but at the same time serious and professional, based on mutual trust without ever putting the role he covers first within their own company, thus remaining humble and willing to listen, but without problems if they have to present their point of view.

Since then, Elia and his collaborators have refined and developed a range of services. Now with GSE StudioWeb, we feel we have created our ideal hosting and service company. Furthermore, we are committed to keeping GSE StudioWeb independent in the long term. 

To constantly improve our services so as to make them simple and intuitive is at the very core of GSE StudioWeb’s mission as well as providing expert support. You are guaranteed a speedy and knowledgable response from both our UK and US hosting teams 24/7.

Global data
centre locations

Our global data centres and CDN nodes deliver lightning-fast speeds wherever your traffic is coming from.

All our Hosting services are powered by 100% renewable energy

We’re committed to making sure our hosting is as green as can be

GSE StudioWeb carries a huge respect for the environment, that’s why all our hosting is powered by 100% renewable energy.
This means that all the websites and all the applications that are present on our Hostings are also powered by renewable energy. GSE StudioWeb has taken care of the environment and this is good news for everyone.

All our servers run on 100% renewable energy, and we can boast a (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.12. and lower is definitely better.
Even the GSE-Cl Hosting service uses only the energy resources it needs without waste.

Our headquarters in Scotland (in addition to the server farms) is powered by renewable energy, both wind and wave, and we have reduced the use of paper to 0, so as to make a contribution to therefore reducing the use of trees to produce it.